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Persia Takes Us On a Journey to Her Center of Desire In Debut Album MECCA

Mecca is a sprawling, twelve track album, combining a number of genres, including electronica and trip-hop and including elements of blues and prog-rock. Music aficionados will hear the influence of Bjørk and Massive Attack underneath Persia’s mysterious aural landscapes.

The album has several guest stars, including ex-fiancé Saul Williams on the intense, drum-driven "Receive" and the electric beats of "Danger." Being released for the first time ever are two songs featured on the TV show Girlfriends: the gut wrenching "Choices" along with "Past Mistakes," and "Tease," featuring the father of Trip-hop TRICKY. Several haunting collaborations (including the first single "Wanting," and the tracks "Receive" and "Perfect") were the result of co-writing with producer/musician Ric Alien and Drew Martinez. Persia has worked with great artists such as Gary Wallis of Pink Floyd, Dominique Miller of Sting, Jerome Dillon of Nine Inch Nails and Big Bio of Outcast. Persia has also written soundtrack music for three Independent films. The overall album was produced by Persia herself, mixed by the legendary Dave Way and mastered by (BigBass) Brian Gardner

About Persia
In one word, Persia White is prolific. An actress, musician, producer and animal rights activist, she is best known for her lead role for 9 seasons in the hit CW series "Girlfriends." Driven by her passion to change the world, Persia co-produced the award winning documentary film "Earthlings" narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and is involved in the series "Whale Wars" on Animal Planet. Persia is a Board member of the Humane Society of the United States as well as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. She is the co-founder of Echoed Images, a new production company whose mission is to create conscious, world-changing media. For more information go to